Customer Owned is developing a community bank that is owned and controlled by its customers.

The community-owned banking difference

A community-owned bank is a different kind of business. They are a member-owned entity, so it is their members - everyone who banks with them, who collectively own them. Consequently, it’s their members, their families and communities who are their top priority.

Community-owned banks offer a strong, responsible alternative to high-cost commercial banking and lending.


Customers before profit

Owner-members benefit

Financial wellness

Community-owned banks do not exist to squeeze their customers to maximise profits for their shareholders.

Community-owned banks use 100% of their profits to create value for their owner-members (customers).

Community-owned banks have a core mission to promote savings, provide responsible and ethical lending and to seeing to the financial well-being of their owner-members. 

These differences matter. A LOT. That is the community-owned banking difference.